“Digital Funnel” is a platform based Digital-marketing course for managers, business administrators and entrepreneurial university programs from all over the world.

The program is based on the popular US flipped classroom approach. It helps to achieve the appropriate level of skills in digital marketing only for 1,5-3 months. Practically using the newest marketing tools for attracting new customers from the web on a real-world project.


Managing of Digital Funnel and Base Digital Infrastructure of Entrepreneurial project.

- Small group organization for choosing a real-world project for the curse term
- SCROM – methodology (AGILE)
- Digital Funnel
- Key Performance Indicators for Digital Marketing Campaigns (ROMI, ROAS, LTV, CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, CPO, CPS and CTR)
- Setup and Setting Cloud CRM with end-to-end analytics
- Web-site and Landing Pages creating


Paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Analytics

- Google AdWords
- Google Analytics
- Traffic Markup


Target Advertising and Existing Audience Usage

- Organic Social Media Marketing
- Paid Social Media Marketing (SMM)


Organic Search Engine Marketing

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Preliminary Assessment for Project Results

- Evaluation of the results - Recommendation for improving the results


Final Project Presentation and Assessment



I 1,5 months – duration of the study

II 6 Online Lectures at a convenient time by 1 per week

III Life Online format for working with experts 1 time per week

IV 4-5 persons in the project group

V Real-world project with budget and profit purposes

VI You can offer your project and create a team from your mates

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Managers and Business Administrators

Future on-line entrepreneurs

Beginners in Digital Marketing

MBA, MiM and MiMM students


All who want to manage digital marketing


Lev Likhtarev, UK PhD in Economics
MSc Business Analytics, Lancaster University
  • 15+ years of CEO experience in digital marketing group of companies (the largest clients are Coca-Cola, BWT)
  • author and lecturer in the world’s TOP100 universities (Digital Funnel program)
  • head of digital chiefs community (700+ CEO, CDO, CTO, CIO and CMO of international companies)